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Having tried a multitude of crazy diets over the years and continuing to gain weight – thank you menopause! I was very sceptical that anything would work.

With a food diary in hand, I spoke to Kim. We talked through my eating habits and goals for what I would like to achieve. She made suggestions for easy adaptations and some new recipes whilst considering my likes and dislikes. Each session involved looking at my food diary and assessing the nutrients and calories in my food. I was also tasked with considering how I felt when I was eating. With this information, Kim designed a plan to ensure my dietary requirements were met. She took the time to provide explanations for her ideas. Meals were tweaked, new foods tested and suggestions made. Kim was very approachable and I was given encouragement, answers and all in a friendly manner.

Within weeks I felt so much better and not craving junk food. Now, a dress size down, sleeping better and with much more energy, I cannot thank Kim enough.