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These cookie dough balls are a perfect post-workout snack, especially if you work out in the mornings and are in a rush to get to work. They keep for a really long time, so one batch should see you through the week. They’re so easy to make- there’s no chopping, no baking, no waiting time before you can eat them. The dates give them their sweetness, making them great for popping in a small tub or old jar to keep in your bag in case you feel like a 3 pm sugar-hit.


100g oats
30g dates
2 egg whites
30g peanut butter
30g cacao nibs
Pinch of salt


  1. Whizz the oats and dates in a blender. Place in a bowl and mix in the peanut butter, egg whites, and salt. Once combined, add the cacao nibs, and stir until spread evenly.
  2. Take scoops of the mixture and roll between your hands into small balls. Place on baking parchment or baking tray until all mixture is used.

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