vegan chicken noodle soupDiet does not have to mean restriction. It does not have to mean struggling to follow trends or complicated scoring systems. A diet is your way of life, it is the intake of nutrition for health. A good, healthy diet should not be stressful or scary- it will allow you to live your best life, not get in the way of it. It will allow you to be stronger, fitter, healthier.

Good nutrition should not only be available to top-level competitiors or people with specific dietary requirements- it should be accessible to everyone. The Fitchen aims to provide simple and affordable nutrition support to all, especially people who have previously thought that this support is out of their price range or only for serious athletes.

Kim is a qualified nutritional advisor, specialising in weight management, sports nutrition, and behavioural change. We will work together towards your goals and make lasting changes. With the flexibility to deliver and tailor courses best suited for each individual, Kim believes that there is no one diet to suit everyone, and each client deserves a personal approach.